The Raqim Foundation works to alleviate poverty in Afghanistan. Our aim is to help empower the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan - destitute families, orphans, natural disaster victims - by partnering with local and international NGO’s in creating impact projects; and by providing financial assistance, technical assistance and support to grass roots groups, as well as dedicated individuals that are directly involved in implementing community-based development and relief projects. Recognizing that illiteracy reinforces long-term underdevelopment, we are especially committed to finding creative solutions that would bring educational initiatives to impoverished children in the most remote regions of Afghanistan. Our projects are designed to foster self-sufficiency, sustainability and replicability.

Significance of the Raqim Name

Raqim Foundation is named to honor Mirza Mohammad Hassan Raqim, a poet and a statesman, who was a member of the first democratic movement in Afghanistan aiming to establish a constitutional monarchy in the country during the rein of Amir Habibulah Khan in nearly 1900's. He was jailed for speaking out against the absolute monarchy. He died at the prison after nine years. His Nom de plum (Pen Name) was “Raqim”. He left behind a collection of poetry, which is a testament to the life and sacrifice of this brave Afghan.



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