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RF 2011 Winter Relief distribution in Kabul Province and Vicinity

RF has just completed its annual winter relief effort by distributing meat and other goods to needy individuals and families in Kabul and its environs.

Slideshow of RF Chairman's June 2010 trip to Afghanistan.

The following pictures show the Chairman visiting Raqim Foundation projects in Parwan province, Kapisa province, and Badakhshan province. The school images show Raqim Foundation projects at Kabul Orphanage, The Children of War school in Kabul, and Albironi University.

Vocational Training Prohram at Kabul Orphange


RF's AutoCad computer classes have started instructing students in land surveying techniques

School in Nooristan

Mr. Faruq Achikzad discusses the Nooristan School with Doug. Mortenson, the author of Three Cups of Tea

Sargailan Clinic in Badakhshan

Sargailan Clinic
Volunteers working on the construction of the health facility.
Sargailan Clinic against snow-capped mountains in Badakhshan.

Relief program in Bamyan

Relief program in Bamyan
Relief program in Bamyan
Relief program in Bamyan.

RQF Fundraising for ADRP

Dr. Rolfe and Mr.Achikzad 
Dr. Rolfe, Mr.Achikzad and Dr. Barakzoy
Dr.Barakzoy and Dr. Rolfe with two of attendees in the background

ADRP Images from Afghanistan

Dr. Rolfe infront of his Dental Clinic in Kabul / Afghanistan
Dr. Rolfe treating patients at his Dental Clinic

Afghan Woman Business Development

Empowering Women Boost Cash and Food Supplies

Sarghailan Clinic Inauguration cermoney


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